1Moroccan Mosaic & Tile House is a fourth generation family of tile makers committed to using the best craftsmen and highest quality materials to provide our clients with a feeling of culture, history and luxury.

2As we design beautiful & custom tiles at affordable prices, our manufacturing process remains environmentally responsible and resource efficient.
We take pride in ensuring the continuation of a centuries old tradition while accommodating modern & contemporary tastes.





1Zillij tilework is a Moroccan art form dating back to the eleventh century, transmitted from generation to generation through master craftsmen.

2Traditionally, the function of zillij is to inspire meditative reflection while also serving as a statement of luxury and sophistication.

3Our cement tile collection offers a contemporary revival of an old Mediterranean tradition. Beautifully matte, smooth, and unparalleled in quality and design, these handmade titles have become one of the most sought-after tile surfaces in the industry.
Made from 100% natural & recyclable materials, your architectural design will remain as ethically sound as it is elegant.


In an increasingly commercialized world, we remain faithful to the rich Moroccan tradition of creating
hand-made, authentic mosaic & cement-granite tiles.

Though we recently made Las Vegas our new home, our artisans remain happily employed in Morocco.


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