Cement Tile Sealant

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Cement Tile Sealant

| COLOR: 1 tiles/50.0 sq ft per box

Description Details: This sealant process was designed specifically for cement tiles and perfectly protects cement tiles from moisture and blemishes. This High-Performance Cement Tile Sealant reduces dusting, retards mold and mildew, and imparts waterproof characteristics. This sealant kit is UV stable for exterior and interior use, for use over both tight and open surfaces. It is very fast dry for job-site efficiency, low odor, and offers excellent blush resistance. This sealant is VOC compliant. When totally cured, this sealant meets the performance characteristics of FDA 4-101.11 for food contact surfaces.


- Set includes 1 impregnating sealant and 1 topical sealant
- Permanently fuses and fills pores completely
- Eliminates the risk of whitening due to moisture
- Outstanding stain resistance for multi-site use, both exterior and interior installations
- Very high abrasion resistance for superb durability
- Efflorescence resistance for easier cleaning
- Flooring Type: Tile
- Maximum Adhesive Coverage (Quart Capacity): 50 square feet
- Outdoor Use: Yes
- Eco-Friendly: Yes
- Finish: Gloss

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1 box/1 piece minimum



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industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs


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